Περιγραφή Edit

None is better at one-on-one close combat than the Gladiator. Enemies attempt to avoid his powerful attacks in vain. The Gladiator displays his superior swordsmanship using the Sonic Storm or with two-bladed swords he implements the Triple Slash.

Skills Edit

The Gladiators use skills based on their sonic ability.Nearly every gladiator skill needs sonic a special gladiator buff like spell recharded by sonic focus. A characteristic gladiator skill is his Triple sonic slash and and sonic blaster.They also can reach great moving abilities by transforming their sonic into moving speed with sonic move.

Εξοπλισμός Edit

Gladiators use heavy armor which provides them P.Def.Gladiators do NOT require a blunt in levels further 40.A gladiators basic weapon is the dual swords, though in their early levels they use blunts.Gladiators are more familiarized with Atk.S. than P.Atk but can reach high dmg with their Criticals.(they use two +DEX -STR dyes and 1 +STR -CON)

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