Path to Dark Wizard By Mame

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Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Dark Wizard. Witch Varika speaks of the four seeds representing anger, despair, horror, and lunacy. One who obtains them all may become a Dark Wizard. Then she gives you the Seed of Despair and asks you to find the rest.

1. The quest begins at the Altar of Rites, which is to the south of the School of Dark Arts. You must speak to the Witch Varika, and she will tell you that you need to bring her 4 seed to complete the quest. She will give you the first seed, the Seed of Despair.

2. After speaking to Witch Varika you must speak to her sister, Witch Arkenia (who is located beside her). Arkenia will tell you how to gain one of the four seeds, and gives you Hub Scent.

3. Next you must travel to the School of Dark Arts and speak to Annika (who is located at the entrance). She will ask you to collect 2 Knee Bones from the undead inside the School of Dark Arts.

4. Travel into the School of Dark Arts and hunt the either Skeleton Hunters, Skeleton Hunter Archers or Misery Skeletons to gain the 2 Knee Bones. Although they are easy to kill, be careful of the monsters around them as some they are aggressive.

5. Once you have the required items return to Annika and she will give you the Seed of Horror.

6. The next person you must speak to is Charkeren (who is located near the entrance of the waterfall south-east of the Swamplands).

7. He will ask you to hunt Marsh Zombies, and collect his Families Remains. They are located to the north-west of the Swamplands, again be careful as although they are easy to kill, some of the monsters around them as they are aggressive.

8. Return to Charkeren once you have collected the 3 remains. He will give you the Seed of Anger in return.

9. You must next travel to the Ruins of Agony to hunt the monster Skeleton Scout (which is spread throughout the outskirts of the area. Some of the monsters in the area are aggressive, and in numbers can become a threat.

10. Once you have collected the required number of the quest item Heart of Lunacy return to Witch Arkenia at the Altar of Rites. She will reward you with the Seed of Lunacy.

11. Now that you have all 4 seeds speak to Witch Varika and she will give you the Jewel of Darkness which you present to Dark Master Xenos in the Dark Elf Guild in Gludio when you reach level 20.

Congratulations on completing the quest.