1. If you want to learn information about the Elven Knight class you can ask the Grand Master in the Warriors guild and he will tell you the purpose of an Elven Knight and where to start the quest.

2. The quest beings in Gludio Castle Town with Master Sorius.

3. Talk to him about becoming an Elven Knight and he will give you a test to see if you are fit to become one.

4. He will send you to the Ruins of Agony to collect Topaz pieces from skeletons and spartoi.

5. Hunt Skeleton Tracker, Skeleton Tracker Leader, Skeleton Bowman, Skeleton Scout and Raging Spartoi (for some reason Ruin Spartoi are not on the list) until you collect twenty (20) Topaz pieces.

6. Take the pieces back to Master Sorius and he will send you with a letter to Blacksmith Kluto in Gludin.

7. Kluto is in the Blacksmith shop in Gludin

8. Tell Kluto you want to be an Elven Knight and he will send you to collect jewels from Ol Mahums.

9. Kill Ol Mahum Novices outside of the Abandoned Camp until you collect 20 pieces.

10. Return to Kluto with the jewels and he will make you a brooch to take to Master Sorius.

11. Sorius congratulates you and tells you to give the completed brooch to Master Rains to transform into an Elven Knight.

12. Talk to Master Rains, there in the Warriors guild near Sorius to change to an Elven Knight.