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Rogues are Fighters who consider agility more important than power — and profit more important than honor. Unlike the previous two classes, these Fighters rely heavily on ranged attack weapons. They prefer a small sword, bow and light armor to a large sword or thick armor that may slow down their agile attacks. The main tasks of a Rogue include reconnaissance, scouting, spying, and assassination. On a rare occasion, Rogues may be hired as a group to be utilized as an army of archers. Playstyle:

Hunting as a Rogue can be incredibly risky. Relying on evasion for defense and armed with daggers and bows for attacks, Rogues may find it difficult to battle high level monsters on their own. During party play, Rogues are wise to avoid acting as a tank. Instead, in many combat situations, they can be useful by utilizing their high rate of critical attack or following their party and inflicting significant ranged damage using their bow skills.

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