No Grade Apprentice Adventurer's Bone Club

Weapon club i00
Weapon club
Type: One-handed Blunt Weapon
No Grade No Grade
Wield: Right hand
P. Atk.: 24
M. Atk.: 17
Atk. Speed: Fast
Accuracy: 8.00
Critical Rate: 4.00
SS/SpS: 2/2
Weight: 1,850
Description: Apprentice Adventurer's Bone Club. This item cannot be exchanged, dropped, crystallized, or enchanted. If ones's PK count is 1 or more, it cannot be used.
ID: 7817

This weapon is earned during the tutorial quest Searching for the Mysterious Power. It's a non tradable version of the Bone Club for newbies.


Quest RewardEdit


  • Cannot be traded, dropped, crystallized, exchanged or enhanced.
  • Cannot be used by a Chaotic Character.


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