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  Item Grade Ancient Adena
Dynasty ear sealed Dynasty Earring S unknown
Dynasty neck sealed Dynasty Necklace S unknown
Dynasty ring sealed Dynasty Ring S unknown
Draconic leather Draconic Leather Armor S 1305000
Draconic boots Draconic Leather Boots S 268500
Draconic gloves Draconic Leather Gloves S 268500
Draconic helm Draconic Leather Helmet S 402750
Ic boots Imperial Crusader Boots S 268500
Ic breastplate Imperial Crusader Breastplate S 1072500
Ic gaiters Imperial Crusader Gaiters S 672000
Ic gloves Imperial Crusader Gauntlets S 268500
Ic helm Imperial Crusader Helmet S 402750
Ic shield Imperial Crusader Shield S 282000
Arcana boots Major Arcana Boots S 268500
Arcana helm Major Arcana Circlet S 402750
Arcana gloves Major Arcana Gloves S 268500
Arcana robe Major Arcana Robe S 1305000
Tat sealed ear Tateossian Earring S 731441
Tat neck sealed Tateossian Necklace S 975255
Tat ring sealed Tateossian Ring S 487627
Dc boots sealed Dark Crystal Boots A 87000
Dc breastplate Dark Crystal Breastplate A 347250
Dc gaiters Dark Crystal Gaiters A 216750
Dc gloves sealed Dark Crystal Gloves A 87000
Dc helm Dark Crystal Helmet A 130500
Dc leather Dark Crystal Leather Armor A 260250
Dc leggings Dark Crystal Leggings A 162750
Dc robe Dark Crystal Robe A 381000
Dc shield Dark Crystal Shield A 91500
Maj boots sealed Majestic Boots A 132000
Maj helm Majestic Circlet A 198000
Maj gloves sealed Majestic Gloves A 132000
Maj leather Majestic Leather Armor A 579750
Maj plate Majestic Plate Armor A 772500
Maj robe Majestic Robe A 579750
Maj sealed ear Majestic Earring A 640251
Maj neck sealed Majestic Necklace A 853669
Maj ring sealed Majestic Ring A 426834
Nm armor Nightmare Armor A 772500
Nm leather Nightmarish Leather Armor A 579750
Nm boots sealed Boots of Nightmare A 132000
Nm gloves sealed Gloves of Nightmare A 132000
Nm helm Helm of Nightmare A 198000
Nm robe Robe of Nightmare A 579750
Nm shield Shield of Nightmare A 138750
Phoenix sealed ear Phoenix Earring A 641644
Phoenix neck sealed Phoenix Necklace A 855525
Phoenix ring sealed Phoenix Ring A 427763
Tal boots sealed Tallum Boots A 87000
Tal gloves sealed Tallum Gloves A 87000
Tal helm Tallum Helm A 130500
Tal leather Tallum Leather Armor A 381000
Tal plate Tallum Plate Armor A 507750
Tal stockings Tallum Stockings A 162750
Tal tunic Tallum Tunic A 260250
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