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At level 85, all the Lineage 2 characters go through their final class advancement. This process is called Awakening (except for Ertheias – they go through the 3rd Liberation). At this point, you become a real character in the world of Lineage 2 (however, there’s still a long way to go until you hit the level cap). Traditionally, all characters go through their first class transfer at level 20, second at level 40 and third at 76. These milestones are not as improtant anymore though, because of how fast you can get to level 85. The most appropriate descriptions of 1-84 progression is a single word - tutorial.

Race stats[]

Human warriors 88 55 82 34 39 39 38 41
Human mystics 38 27 41 34 79 78 78 41
Elven warriors 82 61 82 34 41 38 37 41
Elven mystics 36 32 38 34 74 84 77 41
Dark Elven warriors 92 56 77 32 42 39 35 43
Dark Elven mystics 39 30 37 32 85 77 73 43
Orc warriors 88 50 87 32 37 38 41 43
Orc mystics 40 23 43 32 77 74 84 43
Dwarven warriors 87 53 85 35 39 37 40 40
Dwarven mystics 40 24 42 35 82 72 81 40
Kamael warriors 88 57 80 33 43 36 37 42
Kamael mystics 40 28 38 33 82 78 75 42
Ertheia warriors 89 52 84 34 40 37 39 41
Ertheia mystics 37 27 42 34 79 76 80 41

Awakened Class Features[]

Awakening Race Skills[]

Upon character creation, everybody gets unique race skills. All of them are of Lv. 1. After the Awakening (3rd Liberation) they are automatically upgraded to Lv. 2. Kamaels also get additional skills — Body Reinforcement and Flying Body Reinforcement.

Revelation Skills[]

Etc saint pomander bishop i00.png

After the Awakening (3rd Liberation) you will get the special Chaos Pomander that will let you learn the Revelation skills through NPC Monk of Chaos in the Reliquary of Giants. These skills are the same for all races. Dual classes can also get the Revelation skills; for that the 'Chaos Pomander (Dual Class)' item is required.



After reaching Lv. 105, you can get a dual class. Upon activation this class will also be Awakened and of Lv. 85. Additionally, you will get that class' Awakening chest, 2 Chaos Pomanders (Dual Class) and an equipment pack.

Class Cloaks[]

Vesper cloack i00.png

After the Awakening (3rd Liberation) you will get the class cloak. Cloaks for different classes have slightly different appearance.

Mount Skills[]

Class mounts.png

After the Awakening (3rd Liberation) you will learn a special skills that summons a mount for your class. These mounts look differently, but all of them have the same stats and are faster than common mounts. You can find the mount skills in your Skills UI (Active skills → Transformation skills). You cannot use other class skills while riding your class mount.



After the Awakening (3rd Liberation), you get a special means for fast traveling. It is called 'Sayune'. In some zones Sayunes will be your only way to get to the required place. While a Sayune is active, you cannot use emotes and general actions. To use the Sayune, move to the light's center and click the button that will appear. Some Sayunes let you choose the direction. In that case you will have to first choose your direction with arrow buttons. To get down, click the arrow below.

  • Sayunes are available to all characters of Lv. 85 and higher, who have completed their Awakening (3rd Liberation).
  • Player Killers (PK) cannot use Sayunes.

Classes Awakening[]

The Lineage II Awakening Classes are grouped into eight categories, based on their role and playstyle. These groups are Sigel Knights, Tyrr Warriors, Feoh Wizards, Wynn Summoners, Othell Rogues, Aeore Healers, Yul Archers, and Iss Enchanters.

Sigel Knights
Tyrr Warriors
Othell Rogues
Yul Archers
Feoh Wizards
Wynn Summoners
Aeore Healers
Iss Enchanters

Classes Category Contents[]