When Shilen toppled Ye Sagira, she roused the leader of the ancient Giants, Hermuncus, who is sealed in the ruins. Hermuncus asks adventurers to find and release him from his seals. In return, he promises to Awaken them by giving them the powers of the Giant heroes.

When a character reaches level 85, Hermuncus sends a message directly to the mind of the character, offering the power to confront the Destruction in return for releasing him from his seals. The character accepts and completes the Seize Your Destiny quest, acquires a Scroll of Afterlife, and goes to the Reliquary of the Giants. There, the character brings the scroll item to the statue of the Giant hero that represents the Awakening class the character will become, and the character Awakens.

Upon Awakening, a character can exchange old skills for new skills that only that Awakening class can use. The new skills can be learned from the Learn Skill tab of the Skill window. The character also receives SP and the Essence of the Giants.

The Awakened character also receives a chest containing gifts from the Giant whose powers the character absorbed. These gifts include a weapon infused with the essence of the character's class before Awakening, five 100,000,000 SP scrolls, a class-specific cloak, two Weapon Attribute Change Crystals (S-Grade), and five Elixirs of Blessing.

Exclusive Awakening PerksEdit

An Awakened character has access to exclusive perks, such as a new mode of transportation called Sayune, a class-specific mount skill, the ability to obtain a Dual Class, new race skills, the ability to equip and use R-grade items, and much more. In addition to the Sayune ability, Awakened characters can also use special teleports offered by NPCs called Hermuncus’s Servants that can be found in key hunting zones. These teleports cost 150,000 Adena each. There are different teleport destinations available depending on an Awakened character’s level.

Stone of DestinyEdit

A level 85 character who is in a third class transfer can naturally Awaken into a single, destined class. However, the Stone of Destiny gives a character the choice of Awakening into a different class.

With the launch of Goddess of Destruction, all characters of level 40 or above are given a single Stone of Destiny. The Stone of Destiny is only granted to a character once. A character who has both a Stone of Destiny and a Scroll of Afterlife can Awaken into a class other than the destined class. The Stone of Destiny disappears when a character Awakens, even if the character Awakens into the destined class. It is a permanent non-tradable quest item.

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