The Blacksmith of Mammon can be found in the various Catacombs (not Necropolis) at random times throughout the Seal-Effective period. He travels every 30 minutes so you may have to chase him down before you catch him. Un-equip your items first before speaking with the Blacksmith. You can perform the following tasks with him:


You can bring any D or C grade weapon and exchange it for a different type of the same level (same crystal value) This is free to do. Any +'s the original weapon has on it will be transferred over to the exchanged weapon.

The Blacksmith will also take any B grade Ancient Sword, Blunt, Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, Polearm, Rapier or Sword and [[Image:exchange it for a set of B grade fists. You cannot upgrade, trade for any other B grade weapon, nor can you exchange the fists back to the original weapon.

Please note that there has been some reports that for some odd reason you don't see all weapons available all the time .... exchanging weapons back and forward is really the only solution. This is usually noted when trying to get a weapon that was added in C5 (Mysterious sword, Ecliptic Sword, Ecliptic Axe etc...Weapons Exchange Menu comeing next edit)

Upgrade WeaponsEdit

You can bring any D or C grade weapon and upgrade it to the next level and/or type with ancient Adena. Any + that the original weapon has on it will NOT be transferred over to the new weapon. The cost in AA will be the weapons base prices difference multiplied by 1.2 (approximately) so if the difference is 100k Adena you will pay 120k Ancient Adena (aa).

Unseal ItemsEdit

A/S grade armor, shields and jewelry are in a sealed state when crafted or acquired as drops. Bring these to the Blacksmith along with ancient Adena to unseal them. Lineage 2 Armor

B grade boot/gloves can be unsealed/resealed by the regular blacksmith in town for free. Create Dual-swords:

Bring your swords to this Blacksmith to create A or S grade Dual-swords.

Add Special AbilitiesEdit

Bring your A/S grade items to this Blacksmith to apply Special Ability crystals to your weapons. You will need the SA crystal and gemstones of the proper grade. (see weapons list)

The Blacksmith of Mammon can also remove Special Abilities from weapons.

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