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PVP(Player vs. Player) is a combat when players fight each other.

Barring a clan war or siege situation, in order to battle another player on the General Field, you must 'force attack' them. To force attack, hold the Ctrl key and double click on your opponent. You can also hold the Ctrl key and use a skill(If the target have a white name, you cannot use debuff skills). The only exclusions to the force attack rule are flagged or chaotic players. When attacking one of the aforementioned, holding the Ctrl key is not necessary. You can simply click on the player to start combat. Some areas, such as villages, are considered Peace Zones. PvP combat cannot be initiated in these areas.

PvP gameplay is based on a color-coded system. The name of any character who attacks another player turns purple (aggressive), and this also applies to anyone who attacks an aggressive player. Players do not receive penalties for attacking and defeating aggressive characters. However, when attacking and killing characters that are neutral (white colored names), the player's Karma points and PK count increase and the player becomes a chaotic character.

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