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Chaotic State, AKA "PK"(Player Killer), is an state that happens when a player kill another player in a General Field without the other player fighting back in a PvP.

In terms, it's a player killing another player that have a white name.

When this happen, the killer loses certain amount of Reputation Points (generally 720).


  • A Chaotic character’s name appears in red.
  • Every PK a Chaotic character performs gains that character a negative Reputation point.
  • When hunting and completing quests, Chaotic characters do not gain XP or SP, but they do gain Reputation points. This is the only way Chaotic characters can gain Reputation points. When a character is no longer Chaotic (when that character’s Reputation level reaches zero), hunting and completing quests give XP and SP but not Reputation points.
  • If a Chaotic character dies, that character’s Reputation points are not affected.
  • If a Chaotic character has a PK count of 31 or higher, the character receives an item drop penalty. As part of this penalty, augmented weapons will drop without the augmentation.
  • When a Chaotic character dies, that character loses more XP than a non-Chaotic character does.