Collecting Corpses

Collecting Corpses map
Type: Repeatable quest
Level: 25+
Location: Gludio
Start: Guard Curtis
Quest Items:
Skull(Unlimited) Skull
Rib Bone(Unlimited) Rib Bone
Spine(Unlimited) Spine
Arm Bone(Unlimited) Arm Bone
Thigh Bone(Unlimited) Thigh Bone
Complete Skeleton(Unlimited) Complete Skeleton
Zombie Head(Unlimited) Zombie Head
Zombie Heart(Unlimited) Zombie Heart
Zombie Liver(Unlimited) Zombie Liver
Reward: Adena (Varies) Adena

Collecting Corpses iS the only quest in the Grim Collector series.

Guard Curtis can be found at the southern entrance to the Town of Gludio. Once accepting the quest, Curtis will tell you to talk to Samed, who can be found inside the Town of Gludio, to the west.

Samed is asking you for body parts, for reasons unknown. He gives you an Anatomy Diagram and directs you to two places to find the parts: Ruins of Agony and Ruins of Despair.

The pieces he's asking for are:

In addition, he is also asking for Complete Skeletons , but does not give you any hints on how to obtain one.

It should be noted that this quest CANNOT be completed, and your reward will be based off how many and what type of body parts you bring back to Samed. Once you "turn in" the quest, you will be rewarded and allowed to continue bringing back parts until you quit (by talking to Samed, and choosing "Say you will quit") or abandon the quest.

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