Defeat Reckless Monsters

Defeat Reckless Monsters map
Type: One-time quest
Level: 23~40
Location: Ruins of Agony
Start: Guard Kallesin
Previous: Tracing the Sakum's Location
Next: Reckless Monsters Defeated

Defeat Reckless Monsters is the second quest in the Request to Find Sakum series. This quest can be accepted from Guard Kallesin after completion of Tracing the Sakum's Location.

Defeat Reckless Monsters asks you to defeat four different types of monsters - Skeletal Tracker, Skeletal Bowman, Ruin Spartoi, and Ruin Zombie - inside the Ruins of Agony.

To complete this quest, you must defeat:

  • 10 Skeletal Trackers
  • 10 Skeletal Bowmen
  • 15 Ruin Spartois
  • 15 Ruin Zombies

In-game description Edit

"Guard Kallesin is asking [you] to defeat monsters who have gone reckless due to the appearance of Sakum, and then report [to] Guard Zenath about this. Defeat 10 Skeletal Trackers, 10 Skeletal Bowmen, 15 Ruin Spartois, and 15 Ruin Zombies."

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