Destroy the Maille Lizardmen's Vanguard

Type: One-time quest
Level: 20~28
Location: Town of Gludio
Quest Giver: Captain Balthis
Quest Items:
Black Bone Necklace100 Black Bone Necklace

Red Bone Necklace100 Red Bone Necklace
Previous: Invaders of Gludio
Next: Drumbeats of Victory

Destroy the Maille Lizardmen's Vanguard is the second quest in the Red-Eyed Invaders quest arc.

In-game quest description Edit

"Taking advantage of confusion after the war, a savage tribe, Maille Lizardmen, that came into the center of Gludio is gaining its power. Captain Bathis orders you to destroy the Maille Lizardmen's vanguard and bring back 100 Red Bone Necklaces and 100 Black Bone Necklaces as the evidence.

Monsters to be hunted - Maille Lizardman, Maille Lizardman Scout, Maille Lizardman Guard."

Walkthrough Edit

Before venturing out of town, it's highly recommended to receive the newbie buffs, as well as the Blessing of Protection. Not only do they make your attacks more powerful, but the Blessing of Protection can be a wise investment in the event of a PKer. The field where to find these monsters is just west of town, north of the main path.

Black Bone Necklaces are dropped by Maille Lizardmen and Maille Lizardmen Scouts; Red Bone Necklaces are only dropped by Maille Lizardmen Guards. This means that you will most-likely need to hunt the guards exclusively, as you will gather more Black Bone Necklaces than Red Bone Necklaces.

The necklaces do not always drop, so you will most likely have to kill more than 100 Maille Lizardmen Guards, and more than 100 of a combination of Maille Lizardmen and Maille Lizardmen Scouts. All Necklaces will go into your Quest item inventory once acquired.

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