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Trasken, a gigantic, flightless wyrm, is a dragonspawn of Shilen's lineage entroduced in the Goddess of Destruction update as a new Epic Raid Boss. Trasken is a monstrous being of immense power and a bridge from this dimension to another.

The Legend[]

Trasken slept for eons deep below the Mithril Mines found in the eastern mining zone of the snow-covered Spine Mountains. Long ago, the Gray Pillar Dwarven mining guild woke him when they dug further than they ever had before to follow the rich veins of mithril. Trasken slew hundreds of Dwarves, but the hero Lucien defeated the Earth Wyrm and sealed him back in the depths Mithril Mines. He was locked in the nascent form of one of his eggs.

The Terror Returns[]

When Shilen began to stir after the fourth seal was broken, she used the power of the willing sacrifice of her worshipers to break open the seal holding the imprisoned Trasken. Trasken burst out, fully regrown.

Shilen then began funneling her worshipers–those who had drunk the rain of her blood–to him. The Earth Wyrm devoured many Shilen worshipers urged by the goddess's influence to come to the Mithril Mines. Trasken now channels the power generated from the blood of their deaths to his goddess to fully resurrect her in time, and then bring about the end of all things.

The Battle[]

The Players can face the Earth Wyrm talking with the NPC Daichir in Shutggart to enter in a Instanced Dungeon to battle the creature.

The recent recomendentions is having 95-99 players, each of then level 85-99.