Find Captain Bathis

Find Captain Bathis map
Type: One-time quest
Level: 22~40
Location: Town of Gludio
Start: Guard Shunain
End: Captain Bathis
Unknown Reward Unknown Reward

Adena 85,000 Adena
EXP 150,000 XP
SP 60,000 SP

Find Captain Bathis is the first and only quest in the Windmill Hill Status Report series.

Your goal is to travel back to Town of Gludio and talk to Captain Bathis.

There are two ways to travel back:

  • Walk back, like you did during the last quest series.
  • Take the Windmill Hill Teleporter to Town of Gludio.

The second option is most preferred, so take the teleporter (found at the center of Windmill Hill), and you'll be teleported to the center of Town of Gludio. Speak to Captain Bathis to accept your reward.

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