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Melee damage dealer, in combat uses fist weapons and energy attacks and summons various totems.

Play Style[]

It is said that the highest priests of the Monastery of Fire possess strength that rivals that of Titans. These master Tyrants possess abilities previously unseen in Titans, pursuing true physical prowess. Gifted and dedicated fighters who are granted the title of the Grand Khavatari, the quintessential warrior, these Tangsu practitioners prefer tattoos over cumbersome armor in combat.

Orc Classes[]

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Orc Fighter Skills Orc Raider Skills Destroyer Skills Titan Skills Tyrr Titan Skills
Monk Skills Tyrant Skills Grand Khavatari Skills Tyrr Grand Khavatari Skills
Orc Mystic Skills Orc Shaman Skills Overlord Skills Dominator Skills Iss Dominator Skills
Warcryer Skills Doomcryer Skills Iss Doomcryer Skills

Classes Category Contents[]