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Humans in Lineage II are similar to Humans in the modern world. Humans currently have the greatest dominion in the world and the largest population.

Special Abilities of the Race: Although Humans do not possess any special abilities, their strong point is the fact that they can transfer to the most specialized classes.

Characteristics: Humans are well-balanced in all of their characteristics.

Human FighterEdit

88 55 85 39 39 38

The Human Fighter class is the basic Fighter type. Characters have learned the basic usage of various arms and weapons and have received basic training in physical combat.

Play Style: Fighters possess superior strength and dexterity. They pride themselves as being the most skilled in close-range physical combat, mainly using swords and other handheld weapons. They may also choose to focus on long-range attacks to develop into archers later in their careers.

Human MysticEdit

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The Human Mystic class is interested in the forces encircling the world. Characters of this class research and utilize these forces. Since they tend to stay in a back room while reading a thick magic book or conducting various experiments with strange materials, they do not have a very good social reputation. They can be considered trainee wizards who are diligently preparing themselves to become more powerful. Their basic appearance is that of a character clad in a robe holding a staff, which is used to help with magic casting. They can use basic level attack magic and recovery magic.

Race SkillsEdit

Name Learning Level SP Cost Skill Enchants
Skill1901g Aim
Accuracy +3 and -3% chance of receiving a critical attack.
85 0
Skill1902g Mental Fortress
M. Def. +18, P. Atk. +31, and M. Atk. +32.
85 0
Skill1903g Fitness
Increases HP Recovery bonus by 1 and MP Recovery bonus by 1.
85 0
Skill1904g Unbind
Cancels Poison/Bleed/Hold/Stun and renders immune for 10 seconds.
85 0

Class TransferEdit

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Human Fighter Ico1 Skill Warrior Ico1 Skill Warlord Ico1 Skill Dreadnought Ico1 Skill Tyrr Dreadnought Ico1 Skill
Gladiator Ico1 Skill Duelist Ico1 Skill Tyrr Duelist Ico1 Skill
Human Knight Ico1 Skill Paladin Ico1 Skill Phoenix Knight Ico1 Skill Siegel Phoenix Knight Ico1 Skill
Dark Avenger Ico1 Skill Hell Knight Ico1 Skill Siegel Hell Knight Ico1 Skill
Rogue Ico1 Skill Treasure Hunter Ico1 Skill Adventurer Ico1 Skill Othell Adventurer Ico1 Skill
Hawkeye Ico1 Skill Sagittarius Ico1 Skill Yul Sagittarius Ico1 Skill
Human Mystic Ico1 Skill Wizard Ico1 Skill Sorcerer Ico1 Skill Archmage Ico1 Skill Feoh Archmage Ico1 Skill
Necromancer Ico1 Skill Soultaker Ico1 Skill Feoh Soultaker Ico1 Skill
Warlock Ico1 Skill Arcana Lord Ico1 Skill Wynn Arcana Lord Ico1 Skill
Cleric Ico1 Skill Bishop Ico1 Skill Cardinal Ico1 Skill Aeore Cardinal Ico1 Skill
Prophet Ico1 Skill Hierophant Ico1 Skill Iss Hierophant Ico1 Skill

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