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The Human Fighter class is the basic Fighter type. Characters have learned the basic usage of various arms and weapons and have received basic training in physical combat.

Play Style[]

Fighters possess superior strength and dexterity. They pride themselves as being the most skilled in close-range physical combat, mainly using swords and other handheld weapons. They may also choose to focus on long-range attacks to develop into archers later in their careers.

Base Characteristics[]

88 55 85 39 39 38


For more informations, see Human Fighter Skills.

Class Transfer[]

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Human Fighter Skills Warrior Skills Warlord Skills Dreadnought Skills Tyrr Dreadnought Skills
Gladiator Skills Duelist Skills Tyrr Duelist Skills
Knight Skills Paladin Skills Phoenix Knight Skills Sigel Phoenix Knight Skills
Dark Avenger Skills Hell Knight Skills Sigel Hell Knight Skills
Rogue Skills Treasure Hunter Skills Adventurer Skills Othell Adventurer Skills
Hawkeye Skills Sagittarius Skills Yul Sagittarius Skills
Human Mystic Skills Wizard Skills Sorcerer Skills Archmage Skills Feoh Archmage Skills
Necromancer Skills Soultaker Skills Feoh Soultaker Skills
Warlock Skills Arcana Lord Skills Wynn Arcana Lord Skills
Cleric Skills Bishop Skills Cardinal Skills Aeore Cardinal Skills
Prophet Skills Hierophant Skills Iss Hierophant Skills
Death Fighter Skills Death Warrior Skills Death Berserker Skills Death Knight Skills Sigel Death Knight Skills

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