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The first classes you choose between are Fighters and Mystics and this is the same for all races.

Below are the classtables for Humans.

1-19 Fighter
20-39 Knight Warrior Rogue Archer
40-75 Paladin Dark Avenger Warlord Gladiator Treasure Hunter Hawkeye
76-84 Phoenix Knight Hell Knight Dreadnought Duelist Adventurer Sagittarius
Awakening 85-99 Sigel Knight Tyr Warrior Othell Rogue Yul Archer

1-19 Mystic
20-39 Wizard Wizard (Summoner) Cleric (Enchanter) Cleric (Healer)
40-75 Sorcerer Necromancer Warlock Prophet Bishop
76-84 Archmage Soultaker Arcana Lord Hierophant Cardinal
Awakening 85-99 Feoh Wizard Wynn Summoner Iss Enchanter Aeore Healer
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