"In a battlefield filled with blood and death, my noble wings will purify all." Female Kamael Soldiers are the almost exactly the same same as Male Kamael Soldiers as far as available skills, but they have a far quicker attack speed and weaker attack power than their male counterparts. The skills that Kamael Soldiers learn are the same, but when they reach their first class change, Male and Female Kamael soldiers have different choices. Female Kamael have the highest “Dex” among the races (same as Elf Fighter)

Play Style : The Female Kamael Soldier has less stamina and attack power than the Male Kamael Soldier, but she has greater attack speed. As her level increases, the Female Kamael Soldier is also able to learn a skill that enables them to see and remove traps. Restrictions on soul absorption, resistance to healing magic, and armor are the same as that of the Male Kamael Soldiers.  

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