"My proof is not the number of my victories, nor the power by which I crushed my enemies . . . it is the razor sharp blade of my sword."

Hidden away on the Isle of Souls, all male Kamael begin their rise to power as a Soldier. Soldiers use a basic combat style similar to that of other races.  They can use a wide array of weapons and have a special skill that absorbs the soul of a destroyed enemy. Male Kamael Soldiers have the highest “Str” among the races (same as Dark Elf), but the lowest “Men” (same as Human Fighter)

Play Style : The Male Kamael Soldier is the first class for all Male Kamael, and is similar to other basic fighter classes. His attack power is comparable to that of the Dark Elves, which is currently the highest.  His magical potencey is also very high. The Male Kamael Soldier also has the second fastest attack speed, eclipsed only by the Elves; however, his defense power and stamina are relatively weak. The Male Kamael Soldier learns a skill early in his training that allows him to absorb the soul of his enemy.

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