Let's Go to the Central Square

Quest tutorial 01
Type: One-time quest
Level: 1~20
Location: Talking Island Village
Start: Pantheon
End: Theodore
Reward: Adena 3,000 Adena
SP 100 SP
Next: Qualifications of the Seeker
See also Tutorial Quests.

When you first enter the game, after a cutscene ends, you find yourself in a large, elegant room with glowing lights, other players, and a few NPCs wandering around. Nearby, at the top of a few steps, is the NPC Pantheon. Speak to him, click Quest, and progress through the dialogue to begin the first quest in the series, Let's Go to the Central Square.


Pantheon asks you to find Theodore in the central square of Talking Island Village. Click to move your character outside, through the doorway to the north. This will initiate a brief cutscene. Go downstairs into the central square of the village and find Theodore in the middle of the square, in front of a fountain. Speak to Theodore, click Quest, and progress through the dialogue to complete the quest.

Don’t forget to speak to Theodore again and to accept the next quest in the series.


Etc adena i00
3,000 Adena
Etc exp point i00
30 XP
Etc sp point i00
100 SP



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