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Elven Elder using magic

Mystics are characters who use magic to fight and support, the other possible class is fighter, you choose between fighter and mystic when creating a character. Mystics are seperated by 2 different styles of fighting at level 20, when choosing the first class transfer: The 'white' mystics and the 'black' mystics, white mystics are great in supporting friends and themselves, but they are weaker on the battlefield. Black mystics aren't really bad, they just use black magic more often, that means that they aren't very good in supporting friends, but they can are good on the battlefield, killing enemy's, or making them extremely weak so fighters can kill the target easily. Don't get confused by fighters using magic, every character can use magic, mystics are just a lot better with magic than a fighter.

Dwarves and Kamaels[]

Dwarves and Kamaels can only become a fighter when creating a character. they do have some magic, but can't be mystics.