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Class and Features[]

The Orc race is the race of fire. Among all races, Orcs possess the greatest physical abilities. After the destruction of the giants, they were able to expel the Elves and attained the most powerful position on Aden. However, they were defeated by the Elf-Human alliance some time later, and are currently living in an arctic area of Elmore.

Special Abilities of the Race: They have a strong resistance to negative effects, such as poison or sickness.

Characteristics: Orcs have superior physical strength, with high maximum HP and MP levels. They also have a fast recovery speed. However, they are not quick and have slow movement, attack, and casting speeds. They have low marksmanship and evasion as well.

Orc Fighter[]

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Regardless of gender, all Orcs are trained in their youthto become fighters. Based on the race's unique power and physical strength, Ocr Fighters receive special training in double-bladed fist and blunt weapons. Combat gloves or cestus are used while learning Tangsu, a martial art. Some Orcs wear tattoos of magical significance, which are carved into different parts of their bodies.

Play style: No one can match the might of an Orc Fighter when it comes to pure physical strength. With their unflagging endurance and their incredible stubbornness, they are a fearful presence on the battlefield that no one wishes to face. However, since their dexterity is low, they have slow attack and moving speeds. Their hit rate and evasion are low as well.

Orc Mystic[]

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An Orc Mystic is a trainee priest in the temple of power and fire. Unlike Paagrio Monks who are selected from strong warriors to become priests and warriors at the same time, Orc Mystics are sent to the temple at a very young age. They not only receive education on the teachings of the god of fire and power, but they also leant the magic system that is unique to the Orc culture. Of course, all Orc Mystics also receive basic combat training as member of the Orc race.

Play style: Their command of ancient magic has given Orc Mystics tremendous political influence within Orc society. As Orcs, they are physically stronger than mystics of other races, but most believe their magic effects to be weaker. .

Race Skills[]

Class Transfer[]

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Orc Fighter Skills Orc Raider Skills Destroyer Skills Titan Skills Tyrr Titan Skills
Monk Skills Tyrant Skills Grand Khavatari Skills Tyrr Grand Khavatari Skills
Orc Mystic Skills Orc Shaman Skills Overlord Skills Dominator Skills Iss Dominator Skills
Warcryer Skills Doomcryer Skills Iss Doomcryer Skills

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