Palus Knights are Dark Fighters that have received professional swordsman training. The play style of a Palus Knight is similar to that of other Knights yet with a superior attack capability. Palus Knights possess many skills and magic focused on causing damage. When completing the second class transfer at level 40, the Palus Knight can choose between keeping their tank class by becoming a Shillien Knight, or to veer away from tanking and towards being an enchanter Bladedancer.

Base CharacteristicsEdit

92 56 77 42 39 35


For more informations, see Palus Knight Skills.

Class TransferEdit

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Dark Fighter Ico1 Skill Palus Knight Ico1 Skill Shillien Knight Ico1 Skill Shillien Templar Ico1 Skill Sigel Shillien Templar Ico1 Skill
Bladedancer Ico1 Skill Spectral Dancer Ico1 Skill Iss Spectral Dancer Ico1 Skill
Assassin Ico1 Skill Abyss Walker Ico1 Skill Ghost Hunter Ico1 Skill Othell Ghost Hunter Ico1 Skill
Phantom Ranger Ico1 Skill Ghost Sentinel Ico1 Skill Yul Ghost Sentinel Ico1 Skill
Dark Mystic Ico1 Skill Dark Wizard Ico1 Skill Spellhowler Ico1 Skill Storm Screamer Ico1 Skill Feoh Storm Screamer Ico1 Skill
Phantom Summoner Ico1 Skill Spectral Master Ico1 Skill Wynn Spectral Master Ico1 Skill
Shillien Oracle Ico1 Skill Shillien Elder Ico1 Skill Shillien Saint Ico1 Skill Aeore Shillien Saint Ico1 Skill

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