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Magic damage dealer, can summon specters to assist in combat.

Play Style[]

The Phantom Summoner is renowned for summoning wicked spirits. He engages in battle vicariously by raising the defensive power of servitors through Servitor Physical Shield and by raising magic defensive power of servitors through Servitor Magic Shield. The Phantom Summoner can also raise servitors' attack speed through Servitor Haste.

Dark Elf Classes[]

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Dark Fighter Skills Palus Knight Skills Shillien Knight Skills Shillien Templar Skills Sigel Shillien Templar Skills
Bladedancer Skills Spectral Dancer Skills Iss Spectral Dancer Skills
Assassin Skills Abyss Walker Skills Ghost Hunter Skills Othell Ghost Hunter Skills
Phantom Ranger Skills Ghost Sentinel Skills Yul Ghost Sentinel Skills
Dark Mystic Skills Dark Wizard Skills Spellhowler Skills Storm Screamer Skills Feoh Storm Screamer Skills
Phantom Summoner Skills Spectral Master Skills Wynn Spectral Master Skills
Shillien Oracle Skills Shillien Elder Skills Shillien Saint Skills Aeore Shillien Saint Skills

Classes Category Contents[]