Qualifications of the Seeker

Quest tutorial 02
Type: One-time quest
Level: 1~20
Location: Talking Island Village
Start: Theodore
End: Shannon
Reward: Adena 5,000 Adena
SP 500 SP
Previous: Let's Go to the Central Square
Next: Searching for the Mysterious Power
See also Tutorial Quests.

Qualifications of the Seeker is the second quest in the Tutorial series, given by Theodore after completing Let's Go to the Central Square.


Find Shannon in the Training Grounds. Notice that a shining ring of light and an arrow have appeared around your character. The arrow points out a direct path to your objective, Shannon, on the other side of a building to the east. You can also see your destination by opening your map (ALT+M) and finding the quest marker that shows you where she is. Find Shannon, talk to her, and complete the quest. Your character is now level two!


Etc adena i00
5,000 Adena
Etc exp point i00
40 XP
Etc sp point i00
500 SP



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