Search for Beads

Search for Beads map
Type: Repeatable quest
Level: 25~34
Location: Maille Lizardman Barracks
Start: Magister Rohmer
End: (Automatically completed)
Quest Items:
Shining Gem50 Shining Gem

Shining Red Gem50 Shining Red Gem
Reward: The Guard's Report
Next: Collection Complete

Search for Beads is the second quest in the Lizardmen's Conspiracy series.

In-game description Edit

"The Maille Lizardmen slowly and menacingly approach the castle. Their secret power will soon be revealed. Magister Rohmer can render their sorcery useless if he can only get enough beads. Bring him some beads.

Monsters to be hunted - Maille Lizardmen Warriors, Maille Lizardmen Shamans, Maille Lizardmen Matriarchs, Poison Araneids, and King Araneids."

Walkthrough Edit

This quest is similar to Destroy the Maille Lizardmen's Vanguard, in the sense that you are collecting quest items from the same general area, from the same general monsters.

The area to find these monsters is further north (just west of the castle) than Destroy the Maille Lizardmen's Vanguard, but the same principles apply.

Remember that you need 50 of each gem type, and only certain monsters drop certain gems:

After you collect 50 of each gem, this quest will automatically complete and the next quest will appear.

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