Searching for the Mysterious Power

Quest tutorial 03
Type: One-time quest
Level: 1~20
Location: Talking Island Village
Start: Shannon
End: Evain
Reward: Adena 7,000 Adena
EXP 300 XP
SP 800 SP
Lesser Healing Potion50 Lesser Healing Potion

Wooden Arrow500 Wooden Arrow

NOIMAGE No Grade Weapons
Previous: Qualifications of the Seeker
Next: Going into a Real War, Let’s Go to the Underground Training Field!
See also Tutorial Quests.

Searching for the Mysterious Power is the third quest in the Tutorial series, given by Shannon after completing Qualifications of the Seeker.


Accept the next quest. From Shannon, follow the Training Camp Soldier NPC north down the hill until you see Evain. Following his instructions, use your weapon to attack a scarecrow nearby.

Once the scarecrow is defeated, return to Evain and update the quest. Speak to the Newbie Guide NPC to receive buffs, and then defeat another scarecrow. Talk to Evain and complete the quest. Your character is now level three and has received various weapons!

You’ve received new weapons! Before continuing, take a look at the weapons your character just received. Some weapons will suit your character and class better than others. If you’re playing a mystic class, use a staff (good for spell casting) or a club (good for casting and hitting). If you’re playing a fighter, use the dagger, sword, bow and arrows, or fist weapons, depending on what kind of fighter you plan to become in later classes. Skills you gain later may be weapon-specific, but at these early levels it is not terribly important which weapon you choose.

Talk to Evain again to accept the next quest.


Etc adena i00
7,000 Adena
Etc exp point i00
300 XP
Etc sp point i00
800 SP
Weapon apprentices staff i00
Apprentice Adventurer's Staff
Weapon club i00
Apprentice Adventurer's Bone Club
Apprentice Adventurer's Knife Apprentice Adventurer's Knife
Apprentice Adventurer's Cestus Apprentice Adventurer's Cestus
Apprentice Adventurer's Bow Apprentice Adventurer's Bow
Weapon long sword i00
Apprentice Adventurer's Long Sword
Etc lesser potion red i00
50 Lesser Healing Potions
Etc wooden quiver i00
500 Wooden Arrows



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