Send Word Back to Gludio

Type: One-time quest
Level: 20~28
Location: Town of Gludio
Start: Guard Zenath
End: Adventure Guildsman
Quest Items:
Patrol's Report Sakum's Sketch A
Scroll- Enchant Weapon (D-Grade)3 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-Grade)

Adena 100,000 Adena
EXP 350,000 XP
SP 150,000 SP
Previous: The End of Kanilov

Send Word Back to Gludio is the third and final quest in the Divided Sakum, Kanilov series.

Guard Zenath has given you Sakum's Sketch A to give to the Adventure Guildsman in Gludio.

Once you exit Ruins of Agony, you have two ways of getting back to Town of Gludio:

  • Take the main trail back (like you've done many times).
  • Take the Teleport Device at The Ruined Bend.

The second option is the most desirable, so take the Teleport Device to Town of Gludio. You'll appear in the town square. Locate and talk to the Adventure Guildsman to complete the quest and collect your reward.

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