Play StyleEdit

One of the nuker classes in Lineage. Uses powerful fire attacks, ranging from AoE to straight nukes and some debuffs buff cancel attacks, though they are soft targets because, they are slower runners and are unable to drain hp form enemies (one of the main reasons of being inferior to Necromancers and Spellhowlers), also is quite mana-hungry, but not as much as Spellsingers. A smart player can overpover other classes, also sorcerers are quite efficient at battling in a party, castle sieges etc. because of good power ratio, good skillset for that situation, e.g. mass sleep helps with crowd-control. Leveling is easy if you have EE/SE with you, otherwise you will suffer downtime. Good for PvE and raidbosses (with SE/EE of course), if you pull too much monsters you can always mass sleep if time allows it (relatively long cast time).

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