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Melee damage dealer, in combat prefers rapiers. Also knows several magic skills.

Play Style[]

This combat style is available to both male and female Kamael. They are the ultimate swordsmen using both the rapier, which is their favored weapon, and magic at the same time. At a close range, they use the rapier attacks. When there are a large number of enemies, or when enemies are at a distance, they use soul-based dark magical attacks. Soul Breakers have unique combat patterns, such as stealing an opponent's magical buffs, and inflicting damage by turning an opponent’s magic against them.

Kamael Classes[]

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Kamael Soldier (Male) Skills Trooper Skills Berserker Skills Doombringer Skills Tyrr Doombringer Skills
Soul Breaker (Male) Skills Soul Hound (Male) Skills Feoh Soul Hound Skills
Kamael Soldier (Female) Skills Warder Skills Soul Breaker (Female) Skills Soul Hound (Female) Skills
Arbalester Skills Trickster Skills Yul Trickster Skills
After completing two level 75 subclasses Inspector Skills Judicator Skills Awakening is impossible

Classes Category Contents[]