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AdenaAimAncient Adena
Antharas FossilizationAntharas StunAntharas Stun(Tail)
Antharas TerrorApprentice's TunicApprentice Adventurer's Bone Club
Apprentice Adventurer's Long SwordApprentice Adventurer's StaffArmor Mastery
Armor Mastery (Fighter)ArmorsArtisan
AssassinAttack AuraAwakening (Update)
Awakening (Update)/AwakeningBerserkerBlacksmith of Mammon
Chaotic StateCharacter PINClasses
Collecting CorpsesCollection CompleteCommon Craft
Complete the InvestigationCompletion of Collecting Suspicious FragmentsCompletion of Defeating Monsters
Conspiracy RevealedCreate Common ItemCurse of Antharas
Cursed SwordsDEXDaggers
Dark ElfDark Elf Classes
Dark FighterDark MysticDark Wizard
Defeat Kanilov (Certification of Fate)Defeat PoslofDefeat Poslof (Certification of Fate)
Defeat Reckless MonstersDefeat Sakum (Certification of Fate)Defeating Enraged Monsters
Defeating KamilovDefense AuraDeliver Sakum Sketch
Deliver the Shine StoneDestroy the Maille Lizardmen's VanguardDestroyer
DoombringerDoomcryerDraconic Bow
Drumbeats of VictoryDuelistDwarf
Dwarf ClassesDwarven CraftDwarven Fighter
Earth Wyrm TraskenElemental Heal
ElfElf Classes
Elven FighterElven Knight
Enraged MonstersEnraged Monsters (Sakum's Trace)Ertheia
Experience PointExpertise AExpertise B
Expertise CExpertise DExpertise S
Expertise S80Expertise S84Favor for Silvan
Find Captain BathisFind RenfadFind a Work Hammer
Gran KainGuidesHeavy Armor
Hell KnightHelmetsHindemith Truevoice
HumanHuman ClassesHuman Fighter
Human Fighter SkillsHuman KnightHuman Mystic
Human Mystic SkillsHuman classes
INTIngredientsInvestigating Windmill Hill
Iss EnchanterItemsKamael
Kamael ClassesKamael Soldier (Female)Kamael Soldier (Male)
Kanilov DefeatedLesser Healing Potion
Let's Go to FredLet's Go to the Central SquareLight Armor
Lineage 2 Welcome
Lineage 2 WikiLineage IILocations
MaestroMagician's Movement
Mana RecoveryMental FortressMonsters De-Raged
Mortal BlowMortal Blow (Fighter)Mother Nornil
MysticMyths and HistoryNemertess
One-handed Blunt WeaponsOne-handed SwordsOrc
Orc ClassesOrc FighterOrc Raider
Palus KnightPoslof Defeated
PotionsPower ShotPower Shot (Fighter)
Power StrikePower Strike2Qualifications of the Seeker
Quest ItemsQuestsRaces
RecipesReckless Monsters DefeatedRecords
RelaxReporting the Situation in the WastelandRobes
STRSakum DefeatedScions of Destiny
Scroll of EscapeScrollsSearch for Beads
Search for CluesSearching for the Mysterious PowerSelf Heal
Send Word Back to GludioShieldsShilen
Shillien OracleShirtShort Sword
SigilsSkill PointSkills
SorcererSoul Breaker (Female)Soulshots
Speak with Guard LefSpeak with Guard SilvanSpellbooks
SubclassTetrarch ThifiellThe End of Kanilov
The Guard's ReportThe Six DragonsTitan
To Guard VentTracing the Sakum's LocationTrooper
Tutorial GuideTutorial QuestsTwo-handed Blunt Weapons
Two-handed SwordsTyrr DoombringerTyrr Warrior
Valentine CakesValentine Cakes EventWIT
WarlordWeapon MasteryWeapon Mastery (Fighter)
Wind StrikeWooden ArrowZaken
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