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Tetrach Thifiel.jpg
Gender: Male
Title: Tetrarch
Location: Dark Elf village

May the mercy of Shilen be with you.

I am chosen by Gran Kain, the Father of Shadow, and Shilen, the Mother of Abyss. On behalf of the Hierarch, who was sealed away by those who were servants to the light, I represent the senior council that governs the race of darkness. I am Tetrarch Thifiell, who released his brothers from the underground place of exile and recaptured the shadow forest from the Elves.


First occupation change[]

Tetrarch Thifiell provides the information on changing occupation at level 20 form Dark Mystic to Dark Wizard or Shillien Oracle and from Dark Fighter to Palus Knight or Assassin.

Information about the current situation[]

The Holly War of Darkness continues even now, to punish the Humans who deceived and betrayed us, and the Elves of light, who persecuted and oppressed us. Our revenge is not over yet. Living a long time in the dark, we realize the truths hidden in shadows more readily than anyone else.Based on the true power of darkness, there will come a day when we conquer the continent. This is the fate and future of the Dark Elves. Preparing for the final holly war, our brothers are going out into the Human world this very moment and quietly, but certainly, are gathering their strength and expanding their powers. There is no future for those who fear to leave the forest. Bear in mind that only those who go out into the outside world without fear will receive the opportunities to obtain new powers.

Clan management[]

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Associated Quests[]

Forgotten Truth

Testimony of Trust

Testimony of Fate