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Ranged damage dealer, in combat prefers bows. The longer they attack, the more damage is dealt.

Play Style[]

Tricksters hone the Arbalester's trap skills to a razor sharp edge. Tricksters are said to have inherited their abilities of the hero Rodenpicula, also known as the last hero. Legend says that she once defended against an onslaught of enemies by using nothing more than a golden shield. She specialized in defense while the other two heroes specialized in attack power. It is said that this hero fell on the Golden Hill of the Isle of Souls. Like other Kamael third class transfers, Tricksters learn the ancient Kamael power called Final Form.

Kamael Classes[]

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Kamael Soldier (Male) Skills Trooper Skills Berserker Skills Doombringer Skills Tyrr Doombringer Skills
Soul Breaker (Male) Skills Soul Hound (Male) Skills Feoh Soul Hound Skills
Kamael Soldier (Female) Skills Warder Skills Soul Breaker (Female) Skills Soul Hound (Female) Skills
Arbalester Skills Trickster Skills Yul Trickster Skills
After completing two level 75 subclasses Inspector Skills Judicator Skills Awakening is impossible

Classes Category Contents[]