No Grade Tutorial Guide

Tutorial Guide
Type: Book
No Grade No Grade
Weight: 10
Description: Booklet containing general information for the new player.

The Tutorial Guide is an item given out after Character creation. It is placed in your F12 hotkey slot by default.

The book contains 12 sections (plus a link to the main website regarding your Path to Awakening) that give a brief description regarding controls and game mechanics.

Book Contents Edit

1. Movement Edit


Place the mouse cursor over the location to which you want to move and click the left button of your mouse. Your character will move to that location.

2. Point of View Edit


By moving the mouse while clicking the right mouse button, you can change your character's point of view. This can be useful during hunting when you need to look around.

Click the right mouse button again to return to the default viewpoint, which is the direction the character is facing.

Use the Page Up/Page Down buttons to zoom in or out.

3. Mouse Button and Wheel Functions Edit

Mouse Functions

Rolling the mouse wheel downward will zoom in. Rolling the wheel upward zooms out. Note that you can only zoom in or out so far.

Clicking on the mouse wheel button, changes your point-of-view (POV) so that you are facing the front of your character. Clicking again changes it back to the default POV. This feature is especially useful when you are being pursued by monsters or trying to keep a party together.

You can also zoom in or out using the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard.

4. Radar Edit


The purple dot on the radar represents the target you choose.

The N on the radar stands for North. If you change direction, the radar will rotate. The direction of the screen you're watching is the upper direction on the radar.

By using the option button on the top right of the radar, you can set options like "Mark monsters," "Mark party members," "Hide my position," "Fix radar" and more.

5. Adena and Items Edit

Adena and Items

When you kill a monster, its items and Adena fall to the ground and the cursor turns into a hand-shaped icon to show that you can grab the items and Adena by clicking the mouse button. You can check acquired items and money in the Inventory Window (Tab or ALT+V).

6. Quest Items Edit

Quest Items

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