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Used by: Human
Skill Type: Active - Physical skill
Duration: 10 seconds
Recycle Time: 10 minutes
MP Consumption: 0
Learning Level: 85
SP Cost: 0
Description: Cancels Poison/Bleed/Hold/Stun and renders immune for 10 seconds.
ID: 1904

Removes Poison/Bleed/Hold/Stun effects and makes you immune to those effects for a period of time.


  • This skill is granted to Awakened Human characters of level 85+ during the Awakening process.
  • The in-game skill description can be misunderstood: it "renders immune" only to the removed effects for 10 seconds. It don't render totally immune, like Medusa for instance.
  • The skill still allows the character to move during the immunity period.
  • The Unbind skill is wrongly named Steadfast in the official Goddess of Destruction Patch Notes.