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Main Page[]

Okay, i'll give you the ability to edit the main page and some other protected pages. Anything else you need you give me a message and ill be around.

Loki 13:48, January 8, 2012 (UTC)


We will need templates for different things, like classes (We should do one template for each class with useful information) like here for example, look at the info template on the right:

Loki 13:57, January 8, 2012 (UTC)


About the "Classes" page, I dont really think that adding a link to "Skills" of each class is useful, it takes space on the page and it's not "That" useful. I think we should remove the link to each class skill OR we can make a little Image (less than 4x4) with a "+" sign and with "Skills" title instead of writing "Skills" beside each class name. Just a suggestion, tough. Anyway, you are doing great with the wiki. Ill keep up with you this week if i can.


About the CSS, yeah i understand a lot about it and how it works. I've also seen some changes on oasis CSS in other wikis, but what exactly do you want me to rework?

About the colors: I think it's okay I like this red theme... Anyway, if you need any other color change its easy to do...

About the Main page: It's just me or the font you used for the main page links (Those about Gameplay / Classes / Skills) Are a bit oversized? Maybe not oversized, but that way of arranging them is Weird... i dont see that "User friendly" We should look for another way to arrange them, anyway, just a suggestion, you know.

Loki 13:08, January 12, 2012 (UTC)

Hiho Again[]

Hi Shinsaka, i've been experimenting with your templates a bit, so dont scare if you see them different. Im doing some things that i think will help us on the wiki. But i haven't had much time to finish them yet, so they may look weird.

Races / Classes[]

Im pretty sure that "Orc" or "Elf" is a race and not a Class... I dont relly know much about wikis, but. Why you added Category:Classes to Races main pages? As i said before, im no expert at wikis, so if you explain me why, ill be happy :P

Anyway, welcome back pal.