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Valakas 000.png
Valakas, The Fire Dragon
Title: Grand Boss
Gender: Male
Level: 85
Location: Valakas Lair
Related Quests: Into the Flames

Valakas is the second dragon to make an appearance in Lineage II and one of the first ancient dragon children of Shilen. Valakas inhabits a volcanic terrain in Goddard known as the Forge of the Gods.


One of the six dragons born of the union between Gran Kain, god of destruction and Shilen, goddess of darkness, Valakas' attribute is fire.

In the distant past, Shilen gave birth to six dragons, which she sent to the forefront in her war against the other gods. After Shilen was defeated and retreated to the world of the dead, the gigantic beast Valakas nested deep within Forge of the Gods, burning any trespassers who venture into his territory.


Valakas is allegedly the strongest child of Shilen. His gigantic stature and massive four wings exemplify his majesty and strength. He provides a very difficult raid as well as the finest rewards though he may fly away from the raiding company if he is not disposed to fight.

As the fire dragon, Valakas is immune to the element.

Facing the Fire Dragon[]

The player can do the quest Into the Flame with the NPC Klein in Forge of the Gods, to gain the item Floating Stone that can be used in the crystal in the very deep of Hall of Flames to gain access to Valakas's Lair, where the monster resides.