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Cursed Pirate Zaken
Title: Raid Boss
Gender: Male
Level: 60
Location: Devil's Isle

Zaken is a notorious Raid Boss found in Devil's Isle.

Once a legendary pirete, Zaken doomed himself and his whole crew for greed.

Final Fortune[]

Captain Zaken was know for being an Legendary Pirate, feared by his sword skills and by his greed. His dogged pursuit of treasure led him to a rocky island now called Devil's Isle. His increasingly eccentric behavior caused him to lose the confidence of his crew, and they marooned him there.

In despair, Zaken turned to the forces of darkness, who gave him the power to kill and imprison the souls of all of those who betrayed him. Even now, the souls of those damned warriors roam Devil's Isle.

Battle against the legendary captain[]

It's not necessary undertake any quest to face Zaken, but his door in Devil's Isle only opens 00.00 gametime and closes 00.12 game time. Small window for entry.

Zaken curse give him a powerful HP regeneration when you face him at night, so is recommendable to wait until the day rises(6am gametime).

Zaken have the remarkable skill to teleport party members to different parts of the labyrinth inside of his ship, so a B plan for any teleported member most be made.